50 BEST pocket notebook series

YOUR “50 BEST” – NOT somebody else’s!!

How many times have you read an article or seen a TV show about the “BEST PLACES to” blah blah blah and thought to yourself “really???”. The thing is that we are ALL unique and we have our own criteria of what counts as “BEST”.

Maybe you’ve already “been there, done that” or maybe you are just looking for something completely different to whoever compiled the list.

Then when you’re browsing the web, or flicking through social media, or just chatting in a group of people who share your passion and they start sharing their stories about great places they have found or experiences they have had, you think to yourself “I want to go there / do that – I HAVE to make a note of that!” ………. but then a couple of days / weeks / months later you can’t remember what or where or who or even where you may have made a note of “that thing” ……..

Sure – there might be “an app for that” but seriously a little pocket sized notebook is FAR more handy and versatile to keep with you in your bag / backpack / purse / jacket / jeans / desk / car – wherever – and when you are at home, keeping it next to your favourite chair or by your bed is a great idea #justsaying

Each 4″x6″ (102mmx152mm) notebook consists of 50 bespoke double page spreads (100 pages in total) with a handful of prompts to remind you to ask questions and collect the info on the spot (you can see the individual interiors on Amazon by clicking on the links below) and also includes a handy page index at the back for you to quickly find or share info with others.

Get them on Amazon by clicking on the thumbnails below and start building YOUR own 50 BEST list today!!

We are continuing to add to the collection and aim to cover as many personal passions as possible! If you have any suggestions for improvement or additions that you would personally like to see added, please feel free to email us

** ADULTS ONLY** – our Current Mood collection of pocket notebooks include covers that contain profanity so please only click on this link if you are an adult and not easily offended – these are intended as novelty notebooks for gifts to friends, family and co-workers or of course as a treat for yourself!

This all started when we couldn’t find a simple pocket sized notebook that fit our needs – the ones we could find were either all lined or all blank and what we wanted was something that had BOTH blank AND lined pages – because sometimes you need to write notes but other times you need to draw something – if that sounds like you then take a look at our 2 original pocket sized notebooks that we made – they are exactly the same size as the “50 Best” collection – designed to fit in the back pocket of your jeans or jacket!

We hope you find these as handy as we do!

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