Backstories provide the context and “behind the scenes” inspiration for the designs we publish in our stores.

We are passionate about many aspects of life and are driven by “Passion not Fashion” as our motto. We might occasionally dip into something topical because it tickles our fancy but mostly we focus on our personal passions.

merch notes pocket notebook
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Design inspiration can strike anywhere and in fact we all carry custom pocket notebooks that we created specifically for the purpose of capturing our thoughts wherever and wherever we are. If you’re into POD (Print On Demand) merchandise and design then click on the image to the right to take a closer look at the inside on Amazon. It fits in our jeans pocket, slips into a backpack or purse or lies next to our favourite chair while watching TV etc.

We’re pretty sure you’ll find it as useful as we do!

The doodles and scribblings in our notebooks might not all make it to full blown designs and we don’t publish backstories for every design, but when we do it’s because we think they are worth sharing and we hope you enjoy reading them below and getting to know us a bit better during the process.

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