Best FREE alternative to Linktree

The best free alternative to Linktree is quick and easy to set up and you won’t have to worry anymore about the social media platforms removing your links!

We posted a while ago about why you shouldn’t have ever been using a platform like Linktree in the first place – the main reason being that you are losing valuable traffic! BUT – we also pointed out at the time that platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter could and probably would at some stage crack down on the use of these tools.

Now Twitter has recently announced that they will potentially be BANNING accounts that use Linktree and many other link platforms like LinkINBio etc and at the very least they seem to be disabling the links, causing people to panic and look around for the best free alternative to Linktree.

So here is what to do to set up your own free alternative to Linktree:-

  • If you don’t already have a website, sign up for a free one – there are loads of places where you can do this (no, we are not going to spam you with affiliate links) so just google “free website” (although our recommendation would be to buy your own domain name and a simple hosting plan as the “free” websites often end up costing you money in the long run!)
  • If you already have your own website, move on the next step
  • Create a blank page and call it something relevant – we’ve called ours “linkmenu” as we felt that people would know what it meant, but you could call yours “moreinfo” or anything you like – the key is that it is a page on YOUR website
  • Create a list of the links you had in Linktree – you can put these in a table or use separators or style them any way you like – just be sure to keep the page size really small and simple so that it loads lightning fast
  • Check the page preview on Mobile devices
  • Now publish the page and copy the the URL
  • Use that URL in your bio on all your social media platforms


There is your best free alternative to linktree!

The reason why this works is because the social media platforms will simply see this as a link to your website – which of course it is – but it’s a direct link to the links you want to share – which might be other social media platforms or specific content on your site.

THE BIG BONUS to taking this approach is that you will instantly increase traffic to your website as people don’t first click to Linktree before clicking on another link.

IF you’re a more advanced user, you will recognise that of course if you have Google Analytics installed on your website (which is free by the way), then you can track WHERE the clicks are coming from – a feature that you would have had to pay for if you were using Linktree!

Our own linkmenu page took all of about 5 minutes to set up and we’ve never looked back since!

So what are you waiting for? Go and create your own best free alternative to linktree now!

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