Follow the complete journey of a side hustle from the start. I will be sharing “warts and all” the decisions AND the mistakes I’m making along the way so that you don’t make the same ones.

I’m not promising you a “get rich quick” magic bullet – sidehustles require hard work and most of them fail to generate any real revenue to begin with. BUT – if you keep at it and keep learning from your mistake and adjusting your approach as you go, you COULD (one day) achieve financial freedom or at the very least some extra cash …………

I’m not selling this info – it’s given away free – no signup required – but it would be cool if you took a look at the merchandise I AM selling – and even better if you bought some, knowing you have my eternal gratitude for supporting those of us that are struggling self employed during these strage times 🙏

I’ve sorted the posts in order of the steps to take (for now) – I might update the sort order later but as the intention is to take everyone along a journey of sequential steps I thought it would make sense to keep it this way – subscribe below if you don’t want to miss a post.

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