Budget friendly Secret Santa and Stocking Filler gift ideas 2024

We have a bunch of budget friendly Secret Santa and Stocking filler gift ideas for you!

It’s been a tough couple of years and we know budgets are tight!!!

It’s the holiday season and there is nothing like spreading a bit of joy and happiness around by giving a few thoughtful gifts to friends, family, coworkers and perhaps even clients – but you’ve been through “the usual” list of budget friendly secret santa or stocking filler gift ideas dozens of times already. You know the list candles, soaps, “smellies” and lotions, pens, coffee mugs (yeah, you’ll be hard pressed to find those for less than a tenner these days!!) and of course that old favourite – CHOCOLATES …….

You could spend ages wandering around the shops and end up with some trinket that would probably break or never be used OR, you could take a look at our range of handy little pocket notebooks (that actually DO fit in your pocket) where you will be sure to find something for everyone on your list!

The best pocket notebooks fit in your pocket pinterest pin

Sure, pretty much all of us carry a smartphone these days BUT nothing is quite as convenient as a physical notebook that fits in your pocket as easily as it fits in your life and at less than a tenner each (that’s less than £10 / $10 / €10) we think they make for the best budget friendly secret santa and stocking filler gift ideas for 2021 that you will find.

Click on the headings below to see the galleries and click on the images in them to go directly to Amazon to order yours now!

Go on – CLICK while you are here – you won’t know what you’re missing out on until you take a look (see what we did there? plzlook 🤪 …… oh nevermind 🤦🏼‍♂️)

Personal Passions – Bespoke Templated interiors

Passions are personal and so are the interiors of these notebooks. Each notebook contains a custom interior that has been designed with the specific intention of creating YOUR own “50 BEST” list for YOUR personal passion.

Current Mood – Novelty Notebooks for Adults

Sure to raise an eyebrow when anyone catches sight of the cover, these occasionally offensive but always relatable pocket sized (4×6 inch / roughly 10x15cm / A6 size) notebooks contain pages lined on the right and blank on the left as our thoughts can’t always be constrained by lines.

We also have a few “special editions” for the Little Black Book connoisseurs in the form of our “Dark Thoughts” collection shown here:-

Feel free to share your own #darkthoughts #currentmood with us on socials to inspire us to add more to the range.

Every Day Carry General Purpose

Some of these contain simple lined pages, others are lined on one side and blank on the other while one is a simple task list layout – please check individual listings for details if you are after something specific.

Collaborations – Niche Notebooks

The final 2 notebooks in our range are for specific niche use and were created in collaboration with experts.

The New & Improved Cocktail Journal was created in collaboration with the multi award winning drinks iconoclast, Robert Wood, who has filled a number of these so far!

The “Merch Notes” pocket notebook was created by our own design team for their personal use as they create the merchandise in the shop links at the top of this page.

If you’ve expanded the galleries above we’re sure you will agree that these are indeed budget friendly secret santa stocking fillers?

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