CURRENT MOOD pocket notebooks for adults

CURRENT MOOD is our latest collection of pocket notebooks for real people.

WARNING – they are purposely humorous and sarcastic, occasionally offensive and some covers contain profanity (which matches our current mood) – so if you’re under age or easily offended then please click away NOW!

For those adults that are looking for a handy pocket notebook that actually fits in your pocket, you are sure to find one that matches your current mood in our growing collection.

We have started out with 2 distinct styles while we test the demand to see which style works out more popular – so please vote by purchasing!! It’s the only metric that counts ðŸĪŠ

Our FML series (the polite version is “Fit My Life” – but you know what it really means 😂) consists of understated retro colours and simple typography that fits innocuously into your life and reflects your current mood – but packs a punch, gets a laugh or at the very least raises an eyebrow when anyone stops to read it. Treat yourself or give them out to friends, family, co-workers and even customers and clients if you dare 😎

You know exactly who needs / deserves which one in their life……

Our “Dark Thoughts” series is for the “Little Black Book” connoisseurs, featuring provocative imagery coupled with a vintage typewriter font – need we say more?

Don’t forget to share your Dark Thoughts suggestions with us on socials to inspire us to create more!

These handy, pocket sized 4×6 inch (roughly 10x15cm A6 format) pocket notebooks are extremely versatile as they actually fit in most jeans back pockets and easily slip into a bag / purse / backpack / desk drawer / jacket pocket – heck, pretty much anywhere you can think of!

All of them are available for purchase globally on Amazon right now by clicking the covers above.

They make great gifts for every occasion and if you’re after something less provocative then please take a look at our wider range of pocket notebooks for personal passions and Every Day Carry (EDC) – you’ll even find something there for granny – not saying she won’t like any of these of course 😂

Current mood - Adult notebooks that match your mood
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