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If you’re looking for gift ideas for bikers in your life then who best to get suggestions from than a grizzled old biker that has been riding motorcycles for over 50 years??

He goes by the social handle of “oldtwat” which, if you can get your head around British humour, is a play on words and an acronym for his personal website TwoWheelsAndTravel where he posts about his adventures. He has inspired and influenced many of our designs and this is his backstory:-

Bikers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and genders – which makes it both easy and difficult when thinking of great gift ideas for bikers – so where do you start?

You have dirt bike riders – motorcross, enduro and dualsport adventure riders to name a few. I started riding motorbikes when I was 5 years old and I grew up on a farm in South Africa so dirt bike riding is my personal passion! As I got older I don’t “bounce” so well anymore when I fall off (EVERYONE falls off at some point!!!!) and I now get my kicks on big dualsport bikes exploring off the beaten path places around the world.

You have sport bike riders that feel “the need for speed” – these are the adrenaline junkies that are often found on racetracks or speeding their way through mountain passes and “twisties”. In fact if the road looks like a piece of wet spagetti has been thrown down in a tangled mess it’s like to induce a mouth watering drool with accompanied glazed look over the face.

You have the big touring crowd including the Harley riders where it’s all about the journey. I’ll admit to enjoying many a laid back ride munching the miles from the comfort of a big sofa on wheels with music blaring from the built in sound system of a custom touring bike and there is something about the deep throb of a Harley motor that pumps through the veins in a way that no other bike can.

The Hipster crowd prefer café racers with a vintage / retro style that fits into the weekend café lifestyle.

I could go on and on – there are motorcycles to suite anyone and everyone but when it comes to gift ideas for bikers there are a couple of suggestions that you can’t go wrong with:-

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  • t-shirts – I’ve never met a biker yet that says they have enough tshirts! No matter what we ride, we all tend to “layer up” with something comfy to strip down to when we’re off the bike. If you’re unsure as to what the biker in your life rides then any design that features skulls is normally a safe bet. It’s not that we’re obsessed with death – we generally laugh in the face of it! Any form of motorbike riding is dangerous – but we choose to embrace this danger and you will find skulls and the grim reaper to be a common theme among all of us – anything accompanied by a biking related quote scores extra points
  • hoodies – often used as another layer under protective clothing and more generally just for casual wear – we are ALWAYS bikers but we can’t always be on our bikes (unfortunately) – and our hoodies maintain our identity off the bike. In addition to skulls already mentioned, “leaders of the pack” are common themes eg “Lone Wolf”, “Big Dog” and the like, along with vintage workwear style “generic club” logos – if the biker is not an offical member of a biker club (just don’t buy anything with an ACTUAL club logo if they aren’t – the club designs here on the site are all “generic” and not actual clubs – so you’re safe with them!)
  • coffee mugs – sorry – but no self respecting biker wants to drink out of your pretty flower or cutesy cartoon mugs in your cupboard – we want our own, biking related mugs thank you! Of course in this day and age where many of us are working remotely, our biker themed drinkware flashed during video calls allows us to work motorbikes into the conversation – and we love nothing more than talking about bikes with fellow bikers!
  • caps, beanies and bandannas – well, we can’t wear our helmets all the time now can we?

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There is one non-clothing related gift idea for bikers that I never knew I needed until I was given it! I’m referring to the fantastic pocket notebook “My 50 Next Best Places to RIde” which easily slips into a jeans or jacket pocket or in my tank bag. Here’s the thing – there are so many roads to ride that I’d prefer to find out about new ones than do the same old “ride out” over and over again. When I’m with my biker buddies, we all swap stories about the best rides we’ve had – awesome roads and tracks for our bikes and riding styles. The problem is that I’d forget about the details as soon as I got back home! Armed with this custom pocket notebook, I’m prompted to get the details and specifics from my buddies like what time of the day or year to avoid riding the route, are there speed cameras, where are the food stops, do I need special permission to ride there etc etc – the you can immediately see that interior pages have been put together with a biker! This is truly a unique gift for any biker you know as I’ve never come across anything like it before!!

As a matter of fact, I was so taken by how useful this notebook is that I checked out the rest of your collection and ended up buying one for Scuba Diving (another passion of mine) and another for Places to Visit (off the bike and with the wife) AND I’m going to be giving out a bunch of them as gifts for birthdays and Christmas (including the “Afternoon Tea” one for the missus – indulging in afternoon teas with her is a guilty pleasure I’d not normally admit to in front of my biker buddies) – I’d really recommend people to take a look at your full range as you guys really have something for everyone there AND ……… they’re UNDER A TENNER!!! Wow – what fantastic value!!

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So there you have it – you don’t need to try to buy “something for the bike” or any fancy equipment (“bling” or “farkles” as they are known in the UK) – the list above provides you with an easy solution if you are struggling with gift ideas for bikers. As much as we are one of the most diverse groups you could possibly come across, we are one huge family united by a common passion for riding anywhere, anytime!

Ride safe!

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