Planning ahead for personal passions

What are your personal passions?

What are you most looking forward to do when all the craziness calms down and you’re free to indulge in your personal passions?

planning for personal passions
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Will you be taking yourself off to a yoga retreat to recharge your mind and body?

Maybe getting some “vitamin sea” lazing on a sunny beach or diving into the depths of the ocean while scuba diving is more your style?

Perhaps you’re lured by the call of the wild to go hiking, camping or wild swimming or are you an adrenaline junkie looking forward to blasting around the world on a motorbike or carving up the waves surfing or hanging off a rock on the side of a mountain?

Right now, I’d love a simple scenic drive through the countryside to a cute village to sit down for an indulgent afternoon tea with my wife or spending an evening exploring the streets in search exotic streetfood vendors.


If history is anything to go by, global pandemics and crises are commonly and quite rapidly followed by a period of hedonism and indulgance – eating, drinking, travelling, living life to the fullest and catching up on all those personal passions that we’ve been deprived of!

Looking ahead and planning for what comes next is what keeps me going right now – I HAVE to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel and I certainly want to get the most out of life as soon as I can – so I’ve got organised!!! I used to make notes on my phone about places I wanted to go, restuarants I wanted to eat at, roads I wanted to travel, places I wanted to visit etc etc. I’d usually either forget all about them or I would regularly lose them everytime I upgraded my phone. I’ve tried using apps but could never find anything that ever fit my purpose.

SO – I decided that I’d start writing stuff down in a small notebook so that whenever I saw something on TV or was in a group of friends (or strangers) that shared stories about my personal passions, I could quickly make notes and grab details.

I rapidly realised that I’d need multiple notebooks – one for EACH of my personal passions – so when I was scuba diving I kept one in my dive bag and make sure I’d get the info I’d need for future dives and when I was motorbike riding I’d keep one in my tank bag to do the same. I kept one in the car so that when we met people at overnight stops we could capture ideas and suggestions on places to explore from fellow travellers and my wife kept one in her bag when we went for Afternoon Tea anywhere as we’d inverably swap stories with the people around us.

As my collection of notebooks grew and I used them more and more, I came to the realisation that it would be handy to have custom interior “templates” that would prompt me to get the RIGHT information as I’d often get so caught up in the moment that I’d later see that I had overlooked asking some important questions!

After looking (in vain) for something that would do the job and crucially be small enough to fit in a jeans pocket / handbag / purse / backpack / camera bag / yoga bag / whatever, I decided that the only way forward was to make them myself – and so the “50 Best” series of pocket notebooks was born!

These handy 4″x6″ (102mmx152mm) notebooks consist of 50 bespoke double page spreads (100 pages in total) with a handful of prompts to remind you to ask questions and collect the info on the spot (you can see the individual interiors on Amazon by clicking on the links below) and they also include a handy page index at the back for you to quickly find or share info with others that share your personal passions.

Get them on Amazon by clicking on the thumbnails below and start planning what’s next for you in the future!!

I am continuing to add to the collection and aim to cover as many personal passions as possible!

Of course, I STILL found that I needed EVEN MORE pocket sized notebooks (maybe I have a slight obsession?) just for general purpose things – like a quick “Note to Self” or to capture a Bright Idea that was inspired by something I saw – so ……. well, I just had to go ahead and make a couple more!!

Many of the above notebooks are lined pages on the right and blank on the left – because sometimes you just need to scribble or sketch without being constrained by lines don’t you think? But they all have one thing in common – THEY FIT IN YOUR POCKET – unlike many others I’ve seen!!

*** ADULTS ONLY*** our CURRENT MOOD collection contains occasional profanity and is aimed at open minded adults that are looking for a novelty notebook as a gift or simply as a conversation starter for themselves – if you have a sense of humour then please click the link!

If you have any suggestions for improvement or any additions that you would personally like to see added, please feel free to email me and I’ll see what I can do.

I hope you find these as handy as I do!!!

What do you think?

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