Practical clothing style for the NewNormal work from home

It’s no surprise that the Fashion Industry is facing an “existential crisis” as a direct result of the NewNormal work from home habit brought about by COVID – is there really a need to “dress up for work” everyday in order to sit in front of your computer? Sure, a few people went with the “professional on top, party down below” look for a while but cultures and norms have quickly changed and even the stuffiest of companies seem to be totally relaxed about tee shirts appearing on group calls and video meetings.

Add to that the financial uncertainty of the current situation where many people have been furloughed or even worse, lost their jobs – pushing fashion and style even lower down the list of priority purchases.

There was an initial trend of snarky saying on tee shirts doing the rounds but even those are not sustainable in the long term as trends and sayings fall out of fashion (pun intended).

There has been a rise in the “athleisure” category of online shopping with workout tops and leggings becoming a staple for many – even if they were not actually ever used to workout in ……..

Practical work from home style
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As things begin to settle down and work from home becomes a long term feature of the emerging NewNormal, people everywhere are beginning to appreciate the practicality of adopting a standard daily “look” that doesn’t require any thought or decisions at the start of the day – a trait that Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many others have long claimed improves productivity and allows you to focus on more important things in life.

To cater for these people, we have launched 3 WFH (Work From Home) collections, each of which features the day of the week which both avoids the awkward “weren’t you wearing that shirt yesterday?” question AND acts as a handy reminder what day of the week it actually is! (admit it – it’s been a bit hard to keep track lately, hasn’t it? 😂):-

First up is the brutally utilitarian “WFH Essentials” collection which is only available in black tees and polo shirts with white stencil lettering.

Work From Home Essentials Collection Thursday
WFH Essentials Collection

Next up we have a retro “Vintage Workwear” style logo collection, a nod to the fact that everyone is feeling a touch nostalgic about the “Good ol’ Days” pre COVID – these tees and tops are available in a wide variety of colours to match whatever you choose to wear “down below” (or NOT as the case may be ……… but we won’t go there 😇)

Finally we have a burst of colour with the highly creative “Artistic Paint” collection to spread some joy in your life and to all those around you!

Work From Home artistic paint tuesday tee
Artistic Paint collection

None of us know for sure how the future will pan out, but we do know that if you add 5 of these to your wardrobe, you will have one less decision to make every day – and that can’t be a bad thing!

(All of the above designs are available in our web stores under the “Work Life” topic – Please note that ALL our designs can be resized and repositioned to customise your garment exactly how YOU want it!)

Thank you for supporting independent artists during these strange times 🙏

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