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The best pocket notebook for you is one that actually fits in your pocket!! Even though we work with digital tools all day long, we LOVE pocket ntebooks to jot down ideas, make notes, sketch out concepts, keep track of tasks – the list of uses is endless!

Another thing that really got to us is how most notebooks available were EITHER lined OR blank pages – but we wanted the option of having BOTH lined AND blank pages – so we created a couple of handy, pocket sized 4×6 inch (roughly 10x15cm A6 format) pocket notebooks that have lined right hand side pages and blank left hand side pages (and one that is lined on both sides – just because).

These are all available on Amazon by clicking the images below to go to your closest Amazon store:-

And of course we think that what really makes them the BEST pocket notebook for you is that …….. they actually do fit in your pocket!!

Something else that that makes a pocket notebook the BEST pocket notebook for YOU is one that is specific to a purpose – so we made a whole bunch more that have CUSTOM template interiors for a whole range of personal passions and pass times. These are quick and easy to fill in and help to nudge you to get all the information you NEED to “know before you go – check out our growing range and get in contact with any suggestions for more activities.

Each 4″x6″ (102mmx152mm) notebook consists of 50 bespoke double page spreads (100 pages in total) with a handful of prompts to remind you to ask questions and collect the info on the spot (you can see the individual interiors on Amazon by clicking on the links below) and also includes a handy page index at the back for you to quickly find or share info with others.

Get them on Amazon by clicking on the thumbnails below and start building YOUR own 50 BEST list today!!

We don’t think you can beat a bit of good old British Banter and if you agree then our FML series (“Fit My Life” is the polite version but we’re sure you know what we mean 🤪) under the Current Mood collection will certainly fit in your life as easy as they fit in your pocket! All of these are blank notebooks, with lined right hand side pages and blank left hand side pages for full flexibility of how YOU want to use them. We won’t lie, we’ve got a bunch of these ourselves and they ALWAYS get a laugh whenever people see them. Tell us what would fit YOUR life and we might just publish it 😇

And then we have the “Dark Thoughts” collection for those Little Black Book connoisseurs 😎. These are the same interior format as the FML collection above, but have a little more risqué style covers for appreciative adults.

We’ve done some custom collaborations too – Robert Wood is a “Drinks Iconoclast” and creates the most incredible cocktails for some huge clients. He approached us to create a custom notebook to make his life easier and he absolutely classes the result as his own BEST pocket notebook he owns (well, he’s got a growing collection of them now!). And our own merch designers helped us to created a custom notebook for them to capture inspiration and concepts anywhere, anytime – these are the results:-

So what do you think? Are these the BEST pocket notebook for you? Give us a shout out on socials if you love them as much as we do – and while you’re here, take a look at our awesome range of merch in the shop links at the top of this page – we hope you love that too!

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