The first rule when starting a sidehustle

No, this isn’t FightClub – this IS something we talk about!

The first word that many people think about when they hear “sidehustle” is SCAM – sadly because there are SO MANY SCAMS out there!

don't be suckered
Scams are everywhere

A serious sidehustle is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” – sorry to burst your bubble but if that’s what you are after then please just move along – there is nothing for you to see here.

I’m quite frankly sick and tired of people offering to “share their secret to success” but only if you pay them $100 or so – at which point their secret is for you to make a website to share your secret to success with everyone else for $100 or so ………. and so it goes on in one massive pyramid scheme.

not get rich quick secrets
Looking to get rich quick

You will likely see loads of social media posts with people sitting in bathtubs of cash or flashing their latest Hermes handbag or Rolex watch or pulling some obscene sign as they climb into a flashy sports car ……… and I’m happy for them if that’s actually them and it makes them happy – but I have some serious doubts about the validity of the vast majority of them.

the truth about sidehustles
Yes you can

There are absolutely genuine success stories out there of people that have built and continue to run businesses that generate a “passive income” that started out as a pure sidehustle.

For example – here is the story of Reagan and Sada Lewis – the couple who self published the “Good Days Gratitude Journal” which consistently sells a couple of THOUSAND copies a day – every day. As someone who has previously self published on Amazon I can estimate that they are probably only making a buck or so per book but when you are selling that many books every day, it mounts up!

Did they “get rich quick”? Sure – by relative standards, they have achieved this level in only THREE YEARS – that’s pretty bloody quick to me!! There is nothing stopping you from doing the same – the information is freely available to do EXACTLY what they do and in fact I’m a member of a self publishing forum on Facebook that has many members publishing “Low Content” / “No Content” books (like journals and diaries etc) and many of those are earning multiple thousands of $ / € / £’s every month in royalties. Many of them have actually given up their full time jobs to devote more time to what was once a nice little sidehustle.

It’s true that with online businesses like these (and a few others that I’ll cover in time), once you have set up your process and workflow and have a few solid products or services, they can tick over quite nicely with a couple of hours a week done from anywhere in the world.

MLM scams are everywhere
You need to put in the work

But do a quick internet search before you pin your hopes on that “affiliate marketing” scheme that promises a couple of thousand dollars a month in return for “a few hours a day” work – generally, if it looks too good to be true, it generally is!

“Make Money Writing Blog Posts” is another common one I see – go ahead, knock yourself out if you are willing to earn ten cents a word (if you’re lucky) – maybe I just type real slow but there is no way that I would earn more than a McDonalds meal a week with that …..

You will find that the vast majority of successful sidehustles are NOT ones that are found advertised anywhere and you probably won’t find the people behind them screaming from the rooftops about how great they are and offering to “sell you their secret” (in fact I’ve generally found them to be open and honest and quite happy to share openly and freely what they have done and how you can do it too).

They are NOT ones where you work for other people.

The most successful sideustles are ones that people have started THEMSELVES based around their passion, interests and knowledge and many of them are NOT products and services that generate a “passive income”.

But the sky really is the limit and hopefully as I write up my current journey over time, I’ll help you to figure out the opportunities open to YOU for you to start a sidehustle of YOUR OWN – and then it’s all down to you how far you go.

(I’m obviously trying to sell some merch here – you’re under no obligation at all to buy any but you would have my sincere gratitude if you did :-))

What do you think?