Yoga gift ideas

When compiling our yoga gift ideas list we HAD to reach out to our #1 merch superfan and yogini – Taelon.

Taelon has made extensive use of our customisation capability (you DO know that all of our products can be fully personalised by adding your own text and/or images etc right??) to make a whole range of merchandise for her personal brand which you can read about here – but her passion for yoga makes her the perfect person to give us a list of yoga gift ideas – this is her story:-

Since moving from London to Thailand back in 2018, I’ve been able to focus far more on following a healthy lifestyle which has renewed my passion for yoga. Throughout the week I’ll attend a wide variety of class styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, power and restorative yoga depending on my mood and energy levels and what my body needs.

Taelon doing a headstand somewhere exotic
Our #1 superfan yogini

I might have a slight obsession with yoga wear and don’t want to publicly admit how many tops and pairs of leggings I might own (who else can relate??), but what I wear for these sessions depends more on my current mood than anything else as it’s normally hot, hotter or ducking hot in the yoga studios out here so most of us normally strip down to a sports bra for the actual session!

Yoga virabhadrasana - warrior pose
Virabhadrasana – warrior pose

There’s your first hint at what goes at the top of my list of yoga gift ideas – tops! I don’t think any yoga enthusiast will ever have enough tshirts and tank tops and when I was living in London I’d include hoodies on the list too. I absolutely love the light “flowy” (Bella and Canvas) tank tops that you guys have and I’m waiting for my latest order to be delivered (post takes a bit longer to get here) as I immediately fell in love with your latest collection and had to add a couple to my athleisure wardrobe.

If you don’t know somebody’s size then it might get a bit awkward if you get it wrong so next on my list would be things that don’t come in sizes, like a simple drawstring bag – I always need something to carry my keys, waterbottle (reusable) and small towel (sweaty betty here) in when going to and from classes and the drawstring bags are easy to stash anywhere.

Speaking of water bottles – these are another good gift idea as you really need to stay well hydrated ALL the time, not just during yoga! I still see too many people using single use plastic bottles which are so bad for the environment – think of the turtles 🐢😭

You also don’t need to know somebody’s size to buy them a yoga themed cap – I tend to wear caps a lot more out here as its bright and sunny most of the time and I do occasionally do yoga outside too – not just when I’m posing for Instagram photos during a hike either!! (check out Taelon on Instagram to see where that comment comes from 😜). Most of my social media pics will show me in my own personal brand though …… “always be branded” as much as you can is (one of) my mottos!

yoga - meditation not medication mug
Meditation not medication

Mugs are another good option – sipping my green tea (ok, mostly coffee – but don’t judge me) from something with an inspirational quote, thoughtful saying or calming chakra motive on it always provides a pause for thought and a bit of reflection throughout the day.

woman in tank top with sahasrara chakra design
Sahasrara – the crown chakra

I do like that you have a mix of designs available on all your merch too – the “Chakra” collection appeals to the more serious yogis and yoginis and I can see myself ending up with all 7 of them at some point (one for each day of the week – why not?) as I’d wear them as a reminder to focus on a specific chakra during my yoga practise. The cartoon animals are playful and fun as we don’t always have to be serious, but my personal faves from your latest collection are the silhoutte poses – these really appeal to me and I’m hoping someone might take the hint and send some my way………….

meditation yoga pose

I know that @oldtwatt brought up the handy pocket sized notebooks in his post on gift ideas for bikers (yes, I read that post, even though I’m not a biker [yet], I’ve been eyeing out motorbikes here in Thailand as they are the most convenient form of transport by far!!) and I have to say that they surprised me too! I bought myself the one for Digital Nomads when you first released it as it suites the situation I’m in perfectly – I’ve tried apps but this just works so well and now lives in my backpack. After going on my first vipassana meditation retreat last year, I decided that I definately want to go on more of them and of course I immediately bought myself the yoga pocket notebook to start collecting the details from yogis and yoginis I meet. This is unique and extremely useful and as it’s under a tenner (yes, thats less than 10 $ £ or €!!!) it won’t break the bank so makes a perfect yoga gift idea for anyone!

So there you have it – a short and simple list of yoga gift ideas from our favourite (self confessed) #yogaholic – you can check out our Yogalife collections by clicking on the images below:-

check out the yoga gift ideas collection in our UK & EU shop
Click the image to check out the yogalife collection in our UK & EU shop
check out the yoga gift ideas collection in our UK & EU shop
Click image to check out the yogalife collection in our UK & EU shop
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